Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Comic: Noah Van Sciver

© Noah Van Sciver, 2011

Not content with being one of our absolute favourite creators to emerge within the last few years, Noah Van Sciver submits himself straight into our hearts with this special guest comic. With convention season upon us, it's only right that we be reminded of their worst, most despicable qualities, right? Right.

Noah's latest comic, Blammo #7 is available to purchase now via his blog, and worth every goddamn penny, if you ask us. With content moving seamlessly between laugh-inspiring comedy and genuinely touching examinations of the human condition, Blammo is more than just a return to the classic single-author alternative comic floppy format. Rather, it serves as a reminder of how much potential that format has to chronicleand showcasethe trajectory of important creative talent. You should buy all seven issues, and then join us in the sweaty-palmed agony that is waiting for his graphic biography of the young Abraham Lincoln, The Hypo, to be released. We can't wait.

Huge thanks go to Noah for making our weekend with this submission. If any creators out there are interested in pitching a future Sunday strip to us, please get in touch via the usual address. Shazam!

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