Tuesday, 26 April 2011

News: Simon Gärdenfors Needs YOU to Kickstart Paco the Judo Popcorn

Friend of Avoid the Future, Swedish cartoonist Simon Gärdenfors has teamed-up with animator Jonas Pike Dahlstrom, to set up a Kickstarter page for an awesome new project. Their noble dream: to create an animated pilot for their character, the mighty Paco the Judo Popcorn. As it stands, the project has 23 days left to meet its target of $5000, and it's up to you, the benevolent arts patrons of the digital world, to make sure that the project comes to life!

From the Kickstarter page:

Paco is a popcorn with superpowers. Although he spends most of his days like any other ordinary popcorn kernel passing time with his other friends in the kitchen, when he gets mad he transforms into a super judo popcorn!
We've already made an animated 1-minute teaser featuring Paco's origin story with lots of action in the same cute candy package visuals we plan to use in the pilot episode. Paco is the kind of cartoon we dreamt of watching as kids and it is our belief that kids of all ages will dig it also.

Outside of the inner-joy that comes from knowing that you've helped bring this project one step closer to fruition, incentives for donating include stickers (everybody loves stickers), an mp3 of Paco's theme song, t-shirts, original art, hand-made Paco dolls, and for $10,000 Simon and Pike will dress as the characters and perform at your birthday party. Donald Trump, if you're reading this—and we know you definitely are—we're counting on you for that last one!

Come back tomorrow for a little more Paco goodness as Simon Gärdenfors goodness as he returns to ATF for a One Question Interview about the candy collection he hinted at in our very first interview ever!

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