Friday, 14 January 2011

Video: Jess Smart Smiley's Dragon vs. Killer Whale

Although December is traditionally the time where Team ATF retreat into our cave and do little else but eat and play video games (and read comics, of course!), our festive plans were derailed as I contracted the nasty case of flu that was going around. Bed-ridden and reduced to a human husk, friend-of-the-blog Jess Smart Smiley decided to step in and cheer me up by taking on my challenge to draw a dragon fighting a killer whale.

As you can see from the video above, I don't think that it's any wonder that I went on to make a full recovery mere days later. As seen in our recent interview with him, Jess' is currently working on all manner of fun projects, not least of which is his all-ages Upside Down series, the first of which will be published by Top Shelf later this year. For more great drawings like the one above, we highly recommend visiting his website, or even adding him on Facebook. He'll be the best Facebook friend you'll ever have, honest!

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