Monday, 3 January 2011

Featured Project: Luchadoras Translation

A defiant Alma surveys her fiancé's handiwork in Luchadoras

Currently, we’re excited to be aiding Blank Slate Books in bringing Peggy Adam’s French-language graphic novel, Luchadoras, to the English-speaking market. Due for release this February, it’s our honour to be acting as translation team, and be part of enabling the book to gain more much-deserved exposure amongst  readers.

Set in Mexico during the height of the Ciudad Juárez feminicidios, the book follows Alma, a victim of domestic abuse as she attempts to escape her abusive fiancé. First reading the book a couple of years ago, Judith and I were immediately won over by the care and precision with which the subjects of domestic violence, societal corruption, and misogyny are handled. Drawing attention the often disturbing, complex issues of the surrounding murders through the humanity of her characters, Luchadoras became a firm favourite of ours, and we jumped at the chance when Blank Slate boss-man Kenny Penman offered us the chance to translate it.

While Alma’s story is at the core of the graphic novel, the tragic, senseless killings affect every character in the comic. Throughout the book, Juárez’ dark side is revealed and the city itself becomes the personification of its problems. Appearing as an arid, inhuman entity that enables and perpetuates a hopeless cycle of brutality, it's a place where innocence is almost impossible; the police are plagued with corruption, maquiladora bosses are involved in unsettling kidnappings, and men are seemingly free to beat women as they please.

Without getting into spoilers, we believe the book is truly a graphic novel of substance that everyone—comic fan or not— should read. We’re thrilled to be involved in this project, and to be part of what looks like a marquee year for Blank Slate. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook for more updates on Luchadoras, including upcoming interviews with Peggy Adam and Kenny Penman in the build up to the book’s February release. We can’t wait!

For more information on our involvement, head over to this article on the Blank Slate website. For those of you interested to find out more about the Juárez femicides, Amnesty International have several webpages and documents available to read. We recommend starting with this one.

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