Monday, 13 December 2010

One Question Interview #20: Lizz Lunney

Lizz Lunney's 'The Magical Unicorns of Keith the Wizard' from Solipsistic Pop 3

We're big fans of Lizz Lunney's lo-fi laughs at ATF, so we were absolutely thrilled when she accepted our offer to be the next person to sit in our Solipsistic Pop 3-themed One Question Interview hot-seat. Showcasing her signature humour and visual style, The Magical Unicorns of Keith the Wizard is one of our absolute favourite strips from the anthology. Curious to uncover all of her magical secrets, we decided to pick her brain about the subject of comedy. Scalpel, please! 

From a cartoonist's perspective, what do you consider the building blocks of successful comedy to be?

"I'm really interested in what makes something funny to one person and not funny to someone else and it's something I'd constantly trying to work out. In my comics I guess a lot of the jokes are based on personality traits of the characters that people might see in themselves or in people they know. But generally I think comedy is about something unexpected or that you haven't thought of yourself (or something you have thought of and you thought you were the only one thinking it) whether this is in cartoon form, stand up comedy or in a sitcom. Although- there is a fine line between something being funny because you don't expect it and it being so shocking that it is just traumatic.

I always test out my own comics out on my Brother before anyone else gets to see them because he seems to know what makes something laugh out loud (LOL) compared to something I've written that is obviously only funny to me (AWOL) If I think about the funniest comic I've ever read I immediately think of David Shrigley's cartoons or Kate Beaton's historical comics. Both quite different but both able to give me stitch from laughing which I don't get very often. Maybe it's not something that can be explained because people laugh at different things but for something to be universally funny I have figured out the following formula:

                            π             " 

Our thanks go to Lizz for taking the time to answer our question with such mathematical precision. Intrepid unicorn lovers should head over to her website or marvellous blog for more magical action. Lovers of all varieties are required by law to visit the recently-redesigned Solipsistic Pop website. If you don't, you'll find out why unicorns have those horns in the first place. Believe us, you won't like it.

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