Monday, 6 December 2010

One Question Interview #19: Joe Decie

Ooh! A barbed-wire door! Soon enough, the ATF budget nuclear shelter will be complete. Then we'll see who's crazy.

Next up in our Solipsistic Pop 3 themed One Question Interview series is Joe Decie, the creator behind web-series What I Drew. Known for his detailed isolations of everyday life, and jaunty ink-washed illustration, his SP3 contribution, The Fabulous Find, expands his style over several pages, creating one of the highlights of the anthology.  Without spoiling too much, the strip sees Decie trawling for treasure at the local dump, constructing some wondrous new technology from his findings, which is, of course, fabulous.

Many of your comics focus on everyday objects, something which The Fabulous Find seems to expand upon. Visually and thematically, what attracts you to objects as a storyteller?

"Hmmm. Well my comics don't always focus on objects, but I guess, always details; everyday details. That said, I love stuff. I'm a hoarder and a collector. I'll always be able to find a way to keep something, place some kind of emotional attachment on it. The stories are always rooted in reality; but from there things sometimes grow and change. You know when children tell little lies that snowball into big lies, with the story becoming more fantastical with every pause for breath? I never really grew out of that phase.

So inside those inky panels I've found a brilliant place to tell lies, and lovely place to keep my stuff."

Our gratitude goes to Joe for taking the time to answer. If you want to to aid us in our thanks, we're positive that buying a copy of Solipsistic Pop 3 will put a smile on his face; you like making people smile, right? Decie has a sizeable amount of work to view over at the aforementioned What I Drew website, and patient readers can expect some all-new work from him as part of Blank Slate Books' upcoming Chalk Marks series. We can't wait!

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