Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Competition: Solipsistic Pop/ Chloe Noonan Remix Challenge!

Tom Humberstone and Marc Ellerby are looking for one lucky artist to redesign the Solipsistic Pop 3 sleeve

We’re very excited to reveal that Solipsistic Pop editor Tom Humberstone, cover artist Marc Ellerby, and Avoid the Future are teaming up to offer one lucky reader the chance to own a very special edition of the UK indie-comic anthology.

When Tom received the copies of the fantastic Children’s comics-themed collection from the printers, he was surprised to find that one of the covers had not been printed on. Seeing this printing error for the serendipitous opportunity that it truly is, Tom headed on over to us with an idea befitting of this volume’s children’s comics-inspired theme.

With every copy coming with a free Solipsistic Pop pencil, it’s only natural that readers will be tempted to let their inner (or actual) children scribble all over the one-of-a-kind book, and Tom and Marc want the competition’s winner to do exactly that. 

A closer look at Marc Ellerby's cover-spanning Chloe Noonan strip.

Retaining Ellerby’s original font-cover dialogue, the winner will get to redesign the sleeve in any weird and wonderful way that they desire, including finishing the story as they see fit on the reverse! The remixed cover will appear on the Solipsistic Pop and Avoid the Future sites for the whole world to marvel at. 

But, we’re not giving this treasure away to just anyone, oh no. In order to enter, you’ll have to prove your artistic chops by submitting your very own interpretation of everyone’s favourite monster hunter, Chloe Noonan, to avoidthefuture@gmail.com. The competition will close on November 27th December 3rd (!) and is open to absolutely anyone with no objections to Solipsistic Pop, Marc Ellerby, or Avoid the Future showcasing their work on the internet or in print.

The prize will also come signed by the contributors present at this Friday’s Solipsistic Pop 3 launch party. We heartily recommend competition entrants show up there to schmooze with the judges in the hopes of increasing their chances.

Head on over to the Solipsistic Pop website now for more info on the latest fun-packed edition, as well as all the details for this Friday’s super-awesome launch. Good luck!

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