Wednesday, 13 October 2010

One Question Interview #8: Michael DeForge & Hellen Jo talk Root Rot (Title TBC)

A teaser of Hellen Jo's contribution to the anthology.

O.K., so today we're going to cheat a little. During her recent interview with us, Koyama Press head honcho dropped news that she was co-editing an anthology with ATF-favourite Michael DeForge. Only driven more maddeningly insane with curiosity by the clandestine air around the project, we invited DeForge himself, along with ultra-talented contributor Hellen Jo to spill a few more beans. For the purists out there who fear this may ruin the sanctity of the one question interview, we made sure to only ask them each one question; satisfied?

With the working title of Root Rot, readers can expect contributions from a whole host of weird and wonderful supertalents, including: Angie Wang, Bob Flynn, Chris "Elio" Eliopoulos, Dan Zettwoch, Inés Estrada, Jason Fischer, Jesse Jacobs, Jon Vermilyea, Joe Lambert, Lizz Hickey, T. Edward Bak, and more. Good golly gosh, we're excited. 

First up is Michael DeForge:

What can you tell us about the theme of the collection, and your approach as co-editor?

"The theme is pretty loose. All the art had to be "forest" related in some way, and we ended up with a broad range of responses to that. We just tried to pick artists whose styles and influences would compliment each other. I'm very happy Greg Pizzoli is in the book, for instance. His background is in printmaking whereas a lot of the other contributors are cartoonists first and foremost - but his piece pairs extremely well with the comics content."
Lizz Hickey's contribution

Next up, one of the most intensely talented illustrators involved in the "alternative" comics scene today, Hellen Jo:

What can readers expect to see in your contribution, Making Friends?

"Making Friends is an extremely short comic, clocking in at a paltry two pages, but I attempted to address the coming-of-age experience, the pain of being a lonely teen girl, skateboarding, and flower magic in just 12 panels. And if that's inadequate, the whole dang comic is fully watercolored in my most saturated palette yet. To give you an idea of how much your mind will be blown, my sister is the only person to have read it so far, and after finishing, she asked, "Is that it?" Look forward to Root Rot, coming soon from Koyama Press!"

Whilst you're gnawing the bannisters in manic anticipation, be sure to check out Hellen's crazy awesome blog for more updates on her work, as well as dropping in at Michael's  recently-relocated blog. Due out sometime in 2011 from Koyama Press, you'll have to get behind us, as we're queuing at the front of the line for this one.

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