Tuesday, 12 October 2010

One Question Interview #7: Madéleine Flores

Things are really heating up for British indie publisher Blank Slate Books this year. Fresh from the critical success of Darryl Cunningham's Psychiatric Tales, the London-based company is launching its next wave of "slates",  amongst which is the utterly-charming-looking The Girl and the Gorilla by Madéleine Florès.

Just in case you aren't won over by the picture above (soulless bastards that you may be), we invited Madéleine to talk a little about what readers can expect to find in the book:
Your debut graphic novel, The Girl and the Gorilla is set to be published by Blank Slate Books this Autumn. What can you tell us about the story and its characters?

"Well now, The Girl and the Gorilla centers around Aurelie, a young girl who is struggling with some personal issues that have kept her pretty upset. But her mood is quickly changed when she crosses paths with a large talking Gorilla! She follows him into a magnificent world where she meets historical figures and native residents of this new world who help her change her view on life as she faces the pure evil that lurks in the shadows.

It's a story for everyone who loves books, adventure, and saving the day!"

Magilla Gorilla, eat your banana-filled heart out. The Girl and the Gorilla will be available later this year; if, like us, you can't wait for that, be sure to visit Madéleine's website every single day until the book's release. Whilst you're at it, be sure to a good hard look at the Blank Slate website, before its glorious renovation is complete.

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