Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One Question Interview #3: Jarrett Williams

Starring in one of the our most fun interviews this year, Super Pro K.O.! creator Jarrett Williams powerslammed our socks off with talk of everything from turn-buckles to Toriyama in May. Now, the fellow whom we like to call "the most electrifying man in sports cartooning" returns to the Avoid the Future arena for an encore. With the second volume of SPKO in the pipeline, we invited him back for one more wrestling-based question. 

For those of you new to Williams' work, he's somewhat of a Saint amongst comic interviewers, in that he produces original art for every article. Even though he only signed on for a single question this time, he's made no exception, and has donated the awesome piece seen above. What a guy!

If Jarrett Williams was to put down his cartoonist's tools and step into the professional wrestling ring, what would his gimmick, outfit, and signature move be?

"All right, Mean Gene! I’ve got two gimmicks that I’ve actually thought about. In terms of the wrestler role, I’d be the silent assassin with a slight attitude problem. I’m talking Randy Orton “Legend Killer” tendencies mixed with Booker T swagger. I‘d have white boots and gloves. Probably black and white tassels on my arms and boots (because tassels are cool. Ultimate Warrior knew that. And even John Morrison’s boot tassels are a modern take. They remind me of the hats the Buckingham Palace Guards where, that same sort of material). I’d have a HUGE afro and probably a custom jacket I threw into the crowd every night (so I’d probably lose about $300 on a custom jacket each night too). So I’d be dead broke…..hmmmm. Yeah, scrap the jacket for Wristbands. Fans like wristbands! Signature Move: the DDT maybe even a Tornado DDT. It’s classic.

I think I would have alot more fun as a Manager though. I’d totally be the young kid in the back of the locker room “fan-boying” out on all the wrestlers. I’d carry their bags, wear their shirts, say their catch phrases, and even hold signs hyping them to ring.  I’d be in that role for a year and a half or two. All the while, I’d be talking about my “friend” that I’d think would be a great addition to the roster. I ‘d go around trying to hand my “friend’s” demo tape and resume to all of these wrestler’s I’d pretty much followed around all year. And everyone would turn their nose up in the air to me and just ask me to carry their stuff. Then one day, I’d come out during a Championship Match doing my usual thing. Then, when the Match is coming to an end, I’d cost the current “face” Champion his match and become the ultimate heel manager for a new debuting Monster-Heel Heavyweight wrestler. You know, the “friend” I had been trying to break into the company all along. I’d talk mad smack about how I was smarter than everyone in the back and the fans. I’d let them all know that guy I was currently managing was the legitness (and yeah, I know that’s not a word, but it would be perfect in the Wrestling Lexicon) Then, I’d pretty much be doing the same things as before though I’d think I was on some whole other wave length above everyone else. Basically, I’d have the “naïve fanboy to annoying a-hole” gimmick. Signature Move: DDT to an Apple metal laptop case I’d carry everywhere as a heel.

I really should’ve saved that last idea for Super Pro. Damn."

Legitness incarnate, readers' should head over to Jarrett's official website where they can read his currently-on-hiatus Lunar Boy target="_blank" strip, as well as blog posts from the man himself. We absolutely recommend his recent post detailing his process on a piece of mind-blowing custom art, and when you're done with that, feel free to check o target="_blank"ut our review of Super Pro K.O.! Volume One and our aforementioned full-length interview from May. Can you dig it, Sucka?

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