Tuesday, 5 October 2010

One Question Interview #2: Box Brown

Next up with a one question interview is Box Brown, creator of the recently-concluded Bellen! and the guy behind the print-turned-web religion-focused Everything Dies. 

Since we interviewed him last, he's pushed Everything Dies to the forefront of his work, publishing complete stories on-line as well as the good ol' fashioned way. With the fourth print issue of the comic just released, containing an exclusive full-length story featuring his Heart of Stonework characters, it seemed like the perfect time to ask about the sub-series.

Heart of Stonework stories are slightly different from the rest of Everything Dies, in that you allow yourself to create straight fiction. What do you see as the function of these stories within the series?

"You know, I don't know totally. In many way, Everything Dies wouldn't exist without Heart of Stonework. They started as a newspaper style strip based on Zen Koans and Peanuts and are still available online. When I was drawing those I don't even think I identified as an Atheist yet. I was studying Zen Buddhism and Peanuts and it seemed like a perfect fit. I didn't come back to HOS until a few years later and I thought those characters had some promise. The Heart of Stonework stories in Everything Dies originally were still based on Zen Koans or Buddhist stories but have since become a world of their own. Now I think of the monks as living in their own alternative universe. I can use them as a vessel to express my own ideas on religion in general without having to stay strict to the rigid guidelines of any particular religion. I love those characters though. If there were ever to be an Everything Dies spin-off it would be Heart of Stonework.  I could see them getting their own book one day. "

We certainly hope they do! A big "thank you" goes to Box for returning to speak to us. If you haven't already checked out the highly-popular recently-launched Everything Dies website, we demand that you do so now. Then, whilst you're there, we demand that you buy all the print issues. For the love of God, get to it!

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