Wednesday, 27 October 2010

One Question Interview #15: Chris & Shane Houghton

Serious business afoot in 'Moon Gloom'

One of the more deplorable things about mainstream comics is the draconian way the pure-and-honest geekery is exploited via trade paperbacks. You spend $3.99/ £3.00 of your hard earned cash a month on an issue of your favourite guilty pleasure only to have Uncle Marvel or Great Aunt DC turn around at the end of screw you with the promise of extra material in the collected edition. We all know the extra material is most likely going to be junk, but we're damned animals and buy it anyway because we have serious emotional issues. Maybe that's just me.

With this in mind, it's great to hear that Chris & Shane Houghton are actually planning to produce something of worth with the collected edition of their cult comic Reed Gunther. Rather than just slapping it all together and calling it a day, they are planning to hire a colourist to bring new life to each and every panel of cowboy-meets-bear wonderment. In order to finance this, they've released the ultra-goofy, ultra-fun all-ages comic Moon Gloom, currently available in digital form for just $0.99 over on the Reed Gunther website

Should some Hollywood bigwigs come along and offer you guys a Reed Gunther film deal where you guys had creative control, what would you alter for the silver screen, and whom would you cast?

Shane: "If we were to see our all-ages comic, Reed Gunther, in movie-licious form, we would definitely change a few things. First off, we'd need way more sex and violence. And probably some drug use.

Chris: I agree. Except for the sex, violence, and drug use part. Jeesh, Shane, this is an all-ages thing! Seriously, it'd be neat to see a Reed Gunther movie rated PG just for the fact that you hardly see any PG movie adaptations of comics.

Shane: I would really like to see an adventurous animated version of Reed. Chris' style has such great life and movement to it that it's practically bred for animation! If it was feature-length, I would love for it to be like Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs or How To Train Your Dragon. I love those flicks!

Chris: Yeah, an animation would be really awesome. I love those films as well and it'd just be a huge personal treat to see our characters moving in a sleek and beautifully-lit 3D environment. Quite the change from my fat, black lines on white paper! If we did a live action film though, I know for sure I would want Nathan Fillion to play Reed Gunther, hands down.

Shane: Oh yeah, Nathan Fillion would be a great Reed! I think he's currently campaigning on Twitter to be the guy from Uncharted. But nobody likes video game movie adaptations, Nathan! Drop that Uncharted crap and start campaigning for Reed Gunther! If Nathan Fillion starts campaigning on Twitter to play Reed Gunther in a live action film, Chris and I will pay him $100,000! *coughinmonoploymoneycough*

Chris: Agreed! If only there was a way to trick him into thinking he was on the set for Uncharted when really he was filming for the Reed Gunther movie... Okay Shane, who would you want to play Starla?

Shane: I'm soft on Anna Kendrick from Up in the Air and Scott Pilgrim. She seems like she's got a feisty, take-no-crap-from-anyone side to her, plus she can be really funny. But I'd have to see how hard she can punch before casting. A real-life Starla has got to be able to knock me out with a single punch. But that's not too hard to do. Like I said, I'm soft. Here's the toughy, Chris... Sterling the grizzly bear doesn't talk, but his facial expressions are everything. Who would you cast as Sterling?

Chris: I'd like to see Sterling handled like Spike Jonze handled the creatures in Where the Wild Things Are. Half puppetry, half CGI. Or if that doesn't work, we'd need to get someone who's big and hairy. How about Alan Moore if we can convince him to gain 200 lbs?

Shane: Sounds good to me! Hey Hollywood! We obviously have put a lot of thought into this and we're ready to cash that check you're holding! To be honest, a lot of folks ask us about movies or other adaptations of Reed Gunther, which is fantastic and must mean that Reed Gunther could easily be envisioned in a different medium. But right now, we're focused on creating the most exciting, adventurous, and goofy bear-riding cowboy comic book we can. So even if Hollywood does come knocking, I would love it if people said, "Yeah, the movie was alright... But did you read the COMIC?!"

Chris: There you have it folks! Thanks for the question!"

These guys are awesome, right? Our thanks go out to the Bros. Houghton for their answer. If you're a Reed Gunther fan, or are even just coming into contact with the Houghtons' work for the first time, we heartily recommend downloading a copy of Moon Gloom today. An ultra-goofy, ultra-fun story of the Moon's adventure to find another planet to orbit following Earth's destruction, you'd be a fool not to grab it whilst it's hot. Also, we defy you not to laugh at the Moon's butt. Consider that a challenge!

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