Monday, 4 October 2010

One Question Interview #1: Kolbeinn Karlsson

This month, we'll will be posting one single-question interview a day with some of the best and the brightest from within the comics industry. First up is mighty Scandinavian scribe-artist Kolbeinn Karlsson, creator of The Troll King and many other weird and wonderful comics that will turn your brain inside out. We're big fans of his work here, and invited him back to answer a question that we felt was worthy of such an imaginative, world-building creator.

If time and money were no object, what would your dream project be?

"My dream project would be like a massive Disneyland type enviroment, where every single detail would be designed by yours truly. When doing comics, it always takes time for me, since I always construct an environment where the events taking place would make any sort of sense. After the enviroment is done, the story and events sort of unfold by themselves. Right now, I am working on a small-scale version of a similar thing: I am doing an full-room installation of one of the scenes from The Troll King, complete with actors and props, plus a dance performance. The whole thing is very lovely, but if the Swedish government would offer me a lot of land the size of a small town, no one would be happier than me."

Don't forget to check out our full-length interview with Kolbeinn, from February 2010, and, of course, Kolbeinn's awesome blog.

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