Monday, 6 September 2010

Talent Alert: Nick Edwards

A section of Edwards' "Xanthorp and the Missing Brain by Jank Trevis", inspired by the glorious Sci-Fi paperback covers of yesteryear. 

Fashionably late to the party as always, we have to thank the Twitter feeds of Deb Aoki and Chris Eliopoulos for bringing Nick Edwards' mind-blowing Team Dynamite Lazer Beam Livejournal account to our attention. If you can't already tell by the above picture, it's possibly the most excellent collection of super-cool stuff you're likely to see anywhere.

Springing into action immediately, we sent a crack-squad of investigators (we just emailed him) to find out more about the guy behind such brilliance. Winner of the UK Professional Cartoonists' Organisation's 2009 Young Cartoonist of the Year award, the 19 year old creator has already chalked up some pretty impressive credits, not least for working on character design for Disney TV and appearing in Image's Popgun anthology.

Edwards' upcoming project "Dinopopolous": 
"a dinosaur-treasure-adventure-mystery comic also known as 'Jurassic Pulp'"

In his own words: "My favourite things to draw are dinosaurs, complicated machines, stupid expressions, some sort of laser or special effect, swords, skulls, maps, monsters, aliens, spaceships and ripped sci-fi owl-men and my two family cats.". Sounds like our kind of guy.

If you haven't already got a copy, make sure you hunt down Image Comics' Popgun volume four to read a 6-page story from the man himself. Rest assured, we've fallen head-over-heels in love with his work and we're already piling the pressure on him to let us cover his future comics on the blog. That's an awesome threat as well as a promise.