Friday, 10 September 2010

Misc: Noah Van Sciver, as interviewed by Dan Stafford

Found completely by accident the other day, here's one of our absolute favourite creators and friend-of-ATF, Noah Van Sciver being interviewed by Dan Stafford, co-owner of Kilgore Books. With Noah in the running for an Ignatz award for Outstanding Comic this weekend at SPX (for the truly outstanding Blammo #6), it seemed like the perfect time to hijack this material for promotion on the blog.

After you finish watching it, be sure to check out our very own interview with Noah, conducted a few months back. We need love too, you know!

Finally, if you're attending SPX, remember that it's your duty to vote! After all, who doesn't prefer cartoonists to politicians? Also, be sure to visit the Kilgore Books website and order your very own copy of Blammo. In fact, why not do both?

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