Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Misc: Good Grief! Subscription Service!

When our good friend David Bailey of excellent Manchester-based small press shop Good Grief! emailed to tell us about his new subscription service, we knew we had to write about it immediately. Just like National Geographic, only much cooler, the store is now offering to send the latest, rarest and best mini-comics from around the world straight to your home on a monthly basis.

The five bonus-laden plans are all appropriately named with Schultzian (yes, I'm petitioning that to become an officially accepted term) names, starting at the one month Woodstock subscription (£15), transitioning through  The Linus, The Snoopy and The Charlie Brown before arriving at the lavish Ludwig Van Beethoven package. Coming with enough goodies to force Santa Claus out of business, stuff like posters; T-shirts; CDs; tote bags and more fill out the awesome packages. Customers can even receive A BIRTHDAY CARD, depending on the plan they choose. What more could you want? You can see all the details here, on the Good Grielf! blog.

Don't be shy, send David an email, or order directly here. Tell him we sent you!

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