Monday, 9 August 2010

Featured Creators: Heeby Jeeby Comix

As soon as we caught wind of Bob Flynn, Chris Houghton, David DeGrand and Dan Moynihan's awesome Heeby Jeeby Comix, we just knew we had to cover it on the blog. Interlocking talents like some kind of cartooning Voltron, they've joined forces to create one of the year's most exciting independent/ small-press projects - and it just so happens to be designed as much for kids as for adults (fully grown kids, if you prefer).

We love the comic so much, that we're dedicating a whole week to interviewing the brains (and other assorted viscera) behind it. Challenging preconceptions of what it means to be an "all-ages" comic, Heeby Jeeby Comix is full to the brim with unpatronising, classic cartoon strips that throw silly concepts such as "age" out the window entirely, appealing as much to the reader's funny-bone as they do their intelligence.

Part one of the mammoth interview sees the Heeby Jeeby quartet detail the origins of the project, discuss the merits and influence of much-missed Nickelodeon (latterly Nick) Magazine, and the challenges of producing comics with cross-generational appeal.

Part two and three to come! Be sure to follow us on Twitter or 'like' us on Facebook for updates as they happen (how's that for a plug?). Don't miss it.

Let Heeby Jeeby Week commence!

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