Monday, 28 June 2010

Featured Creator: Brooks M. Williams

One half of Facebrooks #133.

Brooks M. Williams is the writer/artist behind Facebrooks, a three-panel autobiographical webcomic that is pretty much nothing like a three-panel autobiographical webcomic. Refreshingly, the strip often avoids the rigmarole of platitudinous punch-lines entirely, functioning (strangely, considering the hyper-deformed visual style it employs) as an earnest, retrospective journal of early adulthood.

Taking place right at the time that the halcyon immaturity of youth charges head-on into the swinging sledgehammer of the future (read: college), Facebrooks flits between earnest warts-and-all confessionals and psychokinetic action sequences (featuring battles with sleazy, demonic “single-guy” demon alter-egos). In a nut-shell: it’s kind of like Saved by the Bell: The College Years, only a lot dirtier and with a cinematographer who's been dabbling in mescaline.

Summoning another half-baked analogy; if you can imagine some kind of metamorphic stylistic mash-up of Rodney Greenblat and Stephen Hillenburg, you’re halfway to understanding how awesome Williams’ illustrations are. Currently pumping out seven (plus!) comics each week, we’d suspect that he might be some kind of cyborg cartoonist if we didn’t already know that he’s an animation student. Still, it’s one hell of a work-rate, and the strip is worth checking out just to see how inhumanly fast the creator is developing his signature approach. With such intense visual progression in just 143 strips (as of writing this article), we can’t wait to see what level of work he’ll be producing in the future.

You can catch Facebrooks over on the Pow Pow Comics website right now, and Williams tells us that he has a portfolio site on the way in the future. Increasingly prolific, we heartily recommend that you go check out his work ASAP, whilst you still have a chance to catch up. Go!

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