Sunday, 18 April 2010

Misc: An "Illustrative Score" by Ira Marcks

Posted here due to the sheer arduous dedication of it all, Ira Marcks, the man behind Witch Knots, has illustrated an unfathomably staggering 45 minutes of music with a single scrolling image. Whilst definitely not recommended for anyone out there with a post-Generation X media-age attention span, all those who do watch will be rewarded with an overwhelming "wow" with this showcase of herculean illustrative effort.

50 ft long (approximately 15.3 metres-long, for those of us who use sensible systems of measurement), the illustration is billed as an "experimental" collaboration between Marcks and Michael McQuilken of the band A Few Moments. 

Not strictly animation, rather a single scrolling illustration, the team behind the project have coined the term "Illustrative Score" to describe it. Defined as a "visual companion devoted to enhancing the elements of a song.", it has caused structuralist comics titan Scott McCloud to post the question of whether it's a comic or not over on his website.

The piece's producer, Jack Lodwick (founder of Vimeo and, recommends viewing the video that "in fullscreen, with headphones, the lights off and sitting comfortably." on the video's Vimeo page. I'm not sure, but I suspect that's code for "with narcotic accompaniment".

Head over to the official webpage for more on the project as well as links to more press, including an insights from the on AOL's Urlesque.

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