Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Misc: Joey Weiser's Monstrous Illustration for Avoid the Future!

Many thanks to Joey Weiser for sending us this tremendous image as part of the fundraiser for his Cavemen in Space graphic novel. As previously stated in our interview with him last week, the Monster Isle and The Ride Home creator is self-funding the printing and publication costs of the book before handing over distribution to AdHouse, and is offering some fantastic rewards for donations.

Whilst donating $50 US will get you a piece of custom art (like the example above) and a signed copy of Cavemen in Space, rewards are available from as low as $8 and include everything from signed copies of Weiser's upcoming Mermin series to home-made toy mammoths and having your likeness appear in future comics!

To see the full list of rewards, please click on the banner below:

The deadline for submissions is the 5th of April, so grab these awesome offers before it's too late! Also, be sure to check back in with us later this week for our in-depth review of Cavemen in Space.

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