Friday, 5 March 2010

Misc: Derik's Cartoon Invasion in France

Although not exactly comic-related, we thought that this was too fun to pass up:

Derik (not Derrick) is an artist based in the South of France, who has been up to some fun tricks of late. Like some kind of mad scientist, he's launched an invasion of colourful characters into the streets of France (Bordeaux, we suspect). Nowhere seems to be off-limits to his creations: utility boxes, walls, doors, train stations, road signs and even cars have all fallen to this cartoon coup d'état. 

Reminding us a little of 60s/70s French culture phenomenon Les Shadoks, there is something magical about seeing these 2D creatures infringe upon the "real world".

More pictures after the jump:

His illustration work is also awesome. We wish he was doing comics!

 His motto : "Alles hat eine Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei!" 
("Everything has an end, only the sausage has two")


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  1. Well...Thanks for these kind words!

    ...I'm thinking about making something else with my work probably not a comic book but an illustrated book for kids...and soon (more or less) a little animated cartoon... be continued!

    Ps: my name comes from the original Derrick because of many things and particularly because i grew up in his country ;-)