Monday, 1 March 2010

Animation: "Anna et Froga" by Anouk Ricard

Via Youtube, for your viewing pleasure, we've translated Anouk Ricard's wonderful stop-motion short Anna et Froga, an adaption of her comic book series of the same name. Comprised of short stories, the series follows Anna, a little girl who likes to see friends and play guitar, and Froga, a frog who likes gardening, as they interact with their friends René (the cat), Christophe (the worm) and Bubu (the dog). Twice nominated in the youth category at Angoulême (2008, 2009), the series has won critical acclaim for being cute and funny without being stupid or gross (a bit like us, really).

Anna et Froga Bibliography
Tu veux un chwingue? (Sarbacane, 2007)
Qu'est-ce qu'on fait maintenant? (Sarbacane, 2008)
Frissons, fraises et chips (Sarbacane, 2009) 

Frissons, fraises et chips (Thrills, strawberries and chips)


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